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The Need for Change

Those who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction try to hide their problem. They are embarrassed that others they respect will be disappointed in them. Because of this, people carry on with their addict lifestyle, never stopping to think about how it is hurting themselves or those around them, and never looking at how they can break out of this life of addiction. According to the National Institutes of Health, 23.2 million Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Only about 10 percent of them get the help they need.

This is a staggering number, especially considering how well effective treatment works at curbing addiction. That is what we are all about at Elevate Recovery Center. You will be shown how to live a happy, fun drug free lifestyle. Also you will be involved in effective therapy.

The Problem with the Choosing Wrong Treatment Program

People who go to addiction treatment often enlist the wrong kind of help. They find themselves in a strict or locked down program that doesn’t allow them to grow. They find them self surrounded by rules, locks and uncomfortable room and board, only to be told to go to AA or NA. That approach is not successful for most people.

To see a real change in a person’s behavior and for them to develop the skills to live that fresh new life, they need to be around real people who know what they are talking about and will lead and support them in their quest for sobriety. At Elevate you are never alone.

A Recovery center shouldn’t be like a prison or reform school, but it does take work and commitment. The people that are a part of Elevate Recovery are here to work hard and improve themselves and their lives, but also to make friends and have fun while they are doing it. You won’t be bored with long lectures or stuffy rooms. Recovery is a positive experience, from the cool staff you will learn to love, to the modern amenities we offer, to the many supportive people you will meet in our recovery community.

Elevate Recovery Center’s Benefits

Why Choose Elevate Recovery Center? Because you will learn how to live without compromising yourself. You will be surrounded by peers and role models who will show you the way, sharing their experience, strength and hope with you.

Addiction is not something that should be hidden. You do not need to be ashamed any longer. Come be a part of our family of sober individuals, learning together how to achieve the kind of lives we dream about. Much like a community center where people choose to go for recreation, relaxation, growth, and socializing, Elevate Recovery is a center for individuals to be built up and grow.

Elevate Recovery Center Combines an Active Program with Sound Clinical Practice

There is no other facility that offers the type of high energy recovery as Elevate does. Research shows that activity and learning how to have fun sober is the most effective type of therapy.

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If you are using drugs or abusing alcohol and can’t stop, you need treatment.
Don’t wait until you are so hopelessly lost that you feel like you can’t ever get back again. We are here to help you.

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