Sober Living

Sober living is a chance for you to continue learning how to live without your substance and to avoid relapse. It is where you to put into practice what was learned in treatment and to get additional support when necessary.

Relapse Prevention

Recovery takes time, and those that rush are often disappointed by their results. After going through residential treatment, a person is on their way to being able to live a normal life, but they should first go through a transition between treatment and real life. For some, this is more difficult than for others, and going back home without being fully prepared means the person might relapse.

There are many reasons relapse occurs. The person might not have been as committed to their treatment as they led on. They might not be fully prepared to face the triggers and temptations of their daily life. They might be faced with some great adversity that they are not strong enough at this point to handle, such as the death of a loved one, ongoing relationship struggles, or stress of any kind. During these times, if the person does not have a positive mentor to turn to, or healthy stress management techniques, they can easily relapse. If, on the other hand, the person is living in a sober living home, surrounded by others committed to recovery and with access to a trusted counselor, they can use these resources to stay sober and avoid relapse.

Sober Living Can Be Fun and Fulfilling

Our sober living option connects clients with others like them to live in a community that is clean, fun, and full of positive energy. Our sober living homes are welcoming and allow you to do all the things you would do living a sober life at home. You do your cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. You can work and take classes. You can go out with friends and have fun, but you must remain completely sober. This option is perfect for helping people practice living their normal life again, with the added support necessary to succeed.


Sober Living is Where you Put Your New Skills Into Action

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