• Mar092017
    sports culture

    Sports Culture and Addiction: Is There a Link?

    The risk of athletes developing an alcohol or drug addiction may run higher in sports culture, suggests a University...

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  • Feb242017
    Toxic relationships can enable drug relapse

    Youth in Recovery: Is ‘Bae’ Hurting Rather than Helping?

    There’s almost no feeling comparable to falling in love. Whether it be two teenagers sharing “I love you’s” for...

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  • Feb172017

    Music and Addiction Recovery: How the Beat Keeps Me Clean

    Music and addiction recovery can come in many forms. For this recovering addict, music became a gateway to staying clean...

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  • Sep072016

    Ecstasy: The Brain-Melting Love Drug?

    The tingly, high energy, drug called ecstasy isn’t so happy after all. In fact, the “happy pill”—also known as molly—has...

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  • Aug172016
    online porn

    Online Porn Viewing Linked to Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

    The search for sex is virtually at anyone’s fingertips. With a few clicks of a mouse, one can choose...

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  • Jul262016
    party and play gay club

    Party and Play: How Gay Men Fall into the Meth Trap

    Anyone want to party and play? Though it sounds like a harmless question to ask—maybe a little tongue-in-cheek among...

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  • Jun292016

    LAPD Cracks Down on Sizzurp During BET Awards Weekend

    We may all remember Three 6 Mafia’s 2000 hit song, “Sippin’ on Some Syrup,” but that syrup or lean...

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  • Nov192015

    The Stigmas of Addiction Affects Willingness to get Treatment for Addiction

    It’s amazing how something so small and seemingly insignificant to one person can hold so much power over another....

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