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  • Sep012016
    National Recovery Month

    National Recovery Month: Check Out Elevate’s Featured Series!

    September is National Recovery Month, and Elevate Recovery Center is ready to bring our readers an exciting new article...

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  • Apr182017
    social media drug dealers

    Social Media Drug Dealers: How Apps Like Instagram Get Used to Sell Drugs

    Whether it’s through direct messaging on Instagram or Kik, social media drug dealers are taking the latest app crazes...

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  • Mar092017

    Sports Culture and Addiction: Is There a Link?

    The risk of athletes developing an alcohol or drug addiction may run higher in sports culture, suggests a University...

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  • Feb242017
    Toxic relationships can enable drug relapse

    Youth in Recovery: Is ‘Bae’ Hurting Rather than Helping?

    There’s almost no feeling comparable to falling in love. Whether it be two teenagers sharing “I love you’s” for...

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  • Feb172017

    Music and Addiction Recovery: How the Beat Keeps Me Clean

    Music and addiction recovery can come in many forms. For this recovering addict, music became a gateway to staying clean...

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  • Sep232016
    Young adults in recovery may struggle during the holiday season.

    Youth in Recovery: Holidays Gift Depression, Relapse

    So the fall semester is beckoning the arrival of finals and—finally—winter break. Christmas lights and fall memorabilia are streamed...

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  • Sep162016
    Youth relapse can be threatened by back-to-school system.

    Youth in Recovery: Back-to-School Prompts Drug Relapse

    Back-to-school season has kicked summer to the curb. In true fashion, the mundane season has its peaks; the summer...

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  • Sep072016

    Ecstasy: The Brain-Melting Love Drug?

    The tingly, high energy, drug called ecstasy isn’t so happy after all. In fact, the “happy pill”—also known as molly—has...

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  • Aug172016

    Online Porn Viewing Linked to Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

    The search for sex is virtually at anyone’s fingertips. With a few clicks of a mouse, one can choose...

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  • Jul262016
    gay club part and play

    Party and Play: How Gay Men Fall into the Meth Trap

    Anyone want to party and play? Though it sounds like a harmless question to ask—maybe a little tongue-in-cheek among...

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